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Top Traders for November
Trader Gain % Profit
Danielle333 38.22% 50,010.46
Opblockwoi 25.02% 8,714.20
antony 23.82% 51,976.15
blablaboy 11.28% 32,858.20
renche 9.00% 18,693.56
silverwot 8.83% 47,349.26
garb88 8.12% 26,318.12
thewhale 7.84% 35,032.94
armando2 7.67% 38,658.30
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Most Held Coins

These are the most popular coins right now across all our players and their average percentage of the portfolios. Players currently have 58% invested in Crypto and 42% in USDT

Binance Review
Binance Review

Binance is one of the largest crypto exchanges with low fees, 100s of coins, and high trading leverage. It is one of the easiest & cheapest exchanges for crypto trading.

Bitcoin Review
Bitcoin Review

The first cryptocurrency. It has limitations for transactions but it is still the most popular being secure, trusted and independent from banks and governments.

Crypto Jargon Explained
Crypto Jargon Explained

From Airdrop to Wallet we look at all the crypto jargon and what it really means

Kraken Review
Kraken Review

Kraken has a good reputation for security and protection of your funds and operates across the USA (except NY), Canada, the EU and Japan

Free Crypto Trading Competition

Join and compete against other traders in our virtual crypto trading and investing game. We have monthly prizes where you can win real crypto. You can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and over 20 other cryptocurrencies using market and limit orders.

It’s completely free to enter so you have nothing to lose and its a great way to learn about crypto trading without risking real money, and with the chance to earn a bit of crypto if you are good (or lucky!)

Exchange Reviews

There are so many crypto exchange platforms to choose between when you are wanting to buy crypto and it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. We have reviewed many of the top exchanges in the USA, UK, Australia and worldwide so you can understand which have the most coins, lowest fees, best deposit methods and more.

Coin Reviews

While most people have heard of Bitcoin there are 1000s of other crypto currencies to invest in if you are brave enough. Many are hard to understand and some feel a bit shady. We have listed some of the more popular ones and will be giving our take on what is good and bad about them so you can assess their risk and growth potential. We wont tell you what to invest in but we will try to help you make more informed decisions for your crypto investments.

Crypto Guides

We explain some of the most important crypto questions from the simple how to buy bitcoin to advanced trading strategies. We also aim to demystify much of the crypto jargon and help you understand the risks and pitfalls of crypto investing such as how to keep your crypto safe after you have bought it.