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Bitcoin (BTC) Looks Set for Another Downward Move

Bitcoin (BTC) looks set for more downward moves, possibly reaching the $12,000 range.

Why Avalanche (AVAX) Shifted its Focus from DeFi

Avalanche (AVAX) among top networks that now attract gaming projects as DeFi slows down.

Bitcoin (BTC) Threatens Another Slide Under $20,000

Bitcoin (BTC) remained above $20,000, though another drop to the $17,000 range is seen as indicative of a potential slide to $10,000.

BitTorrent New Token (BTT) Token Rallies After Migration

BitTorrent Token will have to go through exchanges to migrate to its new network.

What Grayscale’s Products Say About BTC Price Prospects

Bitcoin (BTC) still trades at a big discount based on GBTC shares.

Harmony Protocol Heist: Horizon Bridge Loses $100M

Harmony Protocol lost finds on the Ethereum side after an exploit of a bridge smart contract with compromised private keys.

Bitcoin (BTC) Faces Another Monthly Futures Expiration

Bitcoin (BTC) faces the monthly expiration of futures and options, heading for short-term volatility.

Why Synthetix (SNX) is Rallying in a Bear Market

Synthetix offers a mix of crypto and traditional asset classes in a Layer 2 solution to Ethereum.

Miners Capitulate: What This Means for Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin network mining sank down from all-time highs and miners switched to active selling.

Crypto Liquidations: Whales Bring Outsized Risk to DeFi

Solana (SOL) and Solend are still at risk of a large liquidation, raising the question of control over DeFi loans.

Is This Time Different: BTC Slides Under 2017 Cycle Peak

Bitcoin (BTC) dipped to $17,700 over the weekend, later regaining the $20,000 level.

Bitcoin (BTC) Sinks Closer to $20K Again

The serial liquidations of loans taken by the 3AC hedge fund led to more market panik, with BTC again close to $20K.

Bitcoin (BTC) Extends Crash on DeFi Loan Liquidations

The markets had another flash crash after a series of liquidations on 3AC fund. BTC sank to just above $20,000 before a recovery.

Is Celsius (CEL) Insolvent or Illiquid

Celsius (CEL) has funds locked on deccentralized protocols and is forced to increse collateral, bracing for another BTC price dip.

Bitcoin (BTC) Crashes After Celsius Freezes Withdrawals

Celsius may be facing a solvency crisis due to its significant DeFi loans, facing liquidations if the crypto crash continues.

Three Factors that Weighed Down the Crypto Market

Bitcoin (BTC) went through another capitulation, sinking to the $25,000 range.

XTZ, HNT, LINK: Why These Tokens are Outliers

A selection of altcoin projects rallied with immediate news of development. LINK continues its growth on expectation of staking.

Chainlink (LINK) Rallies Again on Roadmap Reveal

Chainlink is key to the decentralized infrastructure, serving thousands of smart contracts with various types of data.

US SEC Investigates Binance ICO for Security Status

Binance Coin (BNB) offered one of the highest ICO returns, launching at $0.15 and peaking above $600.

Will Merge in ETH 2.0 Cause DeFi Problems

Ethereum 2.0, or ETH 2.0 is expected to add proof-of-stake by the end of the year, though with more steps and updates in the future.