Crypto Trading Prizes

Real Money Prizes - Free to Enter
Competition Frequency Prize Money Prizes Payouts

Portfolio Value

Prizes based on the percentage change in portfolio value. Only players active in the month qualify.

Monthly $250 16 $100,20,20,20,10,10,10,10,10,10,5,5,5,5,5,5

All Coins Trading

Prizes based on the percentage profit on all trades

Monthly $250 16 $100,20,20,20,10,10,10,10,10,10,5,5,5,5,5,5
Total   $500  


Can I really win real money ?

Yes. While the trades you make are all virtual, if you trade successfully you can win real money!

Of course its much less than the virtual money you are playing with but it is free, so you cant lose, and hopefully you can have fun learning and competing.

Check out the competitions section of the menu where you will see the prizes and the tables. If you finish high enough in the tables then you will win. We have several different categories of competition and you can win every month.

How do I convert my portfolio to real money ?

Hahaha, you wish!

Its virtual money that we give you to play with. if you are successful though and rank high in the competition tables you may be able to win some real money.

Why are the prize values in Dollars and not in Crypto ?

Our bills and income are in dollars and crypto is very volatile so for now we need to use dollars to ensure you don't bankrupt us. When you claim payment though the dollar value is converted to crypto and you are paid in crypto.

Will the prize money increase ?

Yes as the number of users grows we will increase the prize money. Also once we add fee-less/low fee payment options we will add more small value prizes so that the number of winners in each competition will be greater and you will have a much better chance of winning something every month.

How do you Win a Prize ?

To win a prize you need to finish in one of the top positions in one of the competition tables. On the Tables pages you can see the current rankings of the top performing traders and the criteria required to win a prize such as a minimum number of trades or a requirement to trade in a minimum number of different coins. You can also see your own rankings in each table on your members Dashboard. Dont forget that it is important to understand the qualifying criteria for each table as you might show at the top of a table but not have made enough trades to qualify.

Can I win more than one prize ?

Yes you can win one prize in each table we have. You dont need to do anything to enter specifically, you just need to make trades, and we will calculate your profits and ranking in the tables.