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Five Places You Can Spend Bitcoin In 2021

5 Places You Can Spend Bitcoin In 2021

As the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, it’s understandable that more than 5% of UK residents own Bitcoin, and many more are interested in buying it.

If you’re among the many owners of Bitcoins, then you might want to consider the ways that you can spend your digital currency.

While the majority of the Bitcoin network enjoys trading Bitcoin, Bitcoin mining and other technical activities, there are many other uses for the cryptocurrency.

As well as trading and using your Bitcoin to earn more money, you can also spend it, just like you spend your cash.

Many retailers, both off and online, allow customers to spend Bitcoin, so you should check out all the options to find the best way to use your crypto.

At Traders Of Crypto, we love helping members of our cryptocurrency community to find new and inventive ways to use their digital tokens.

So, here’s a comprehensive overview of some of the many places that you can spend your Bitcoin in 2021.

Popular Retailers That Allow Customers To Spend Bitcoin

When you think of using Bitcoin to make a transaction, you probably think that you can only use it for trading or possibly to pay for some obscure software product in the darkest recess of the internet.

However, thanks to the rising popularity of crypto and the increased accessibility of technology, Bitcoin is now a payment solution for a wide range of products and services.

As well as using Bitcoin as a traditional financial asset, you can also use it as a currency and spend it on the services and products you want.

Some of the major retailers that accept Bitcoin include:

  • Microsoft: The software titan allows customers to use Bitcoin to buy its products and media such as films, music or apps
  • Tesla: Elon Musk’s car and technology manufacturer has not only invested millions of dollars in Bitcoin but also accepts it as payment
  • Lush: If you’re looking to treat yourself to a beautiful bath bomb or a fragrant soap, then you can pay for it by Bitcoin on Lush’s website, but not yet in-store
  • Burger King: If you want to order a burger and fries and have it sent to your home, then you can now use your Bitcoin to pay for it, thanks to the fast-food giant’s latest partnership with crypto platform Cryptobuyer
  • KFC: Another fast-food retailer that also accepts Bitcoin, but only in select regions, for now, so you can treat yourself to a tasty chicken dinner with your crypto
  • Subway: For all of your lunch needs, Subway can provide its sandwiches and snacks and allow you to pay using Bitcoin

As Bitcoin and other digital currencies become even more acceptable, additional online retailers will start to accept them, so stay up to date with the latest crypto news by joining networks such as Traders Of Crypto.

It’s also possible to use search engines such as Spendabit to find online retailers that will accept BTC as payment, meaning you can find everything you need and want online n the right place.

Payment Platforms That Provide Bitcoin Transactions

If your chosen online retailer doesn’t allow you to spend Bitcoin, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use it.

Instead, you can use fund transfer platforms, including Paypal and Shopify, which accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

These platforms might offer you an alternative to a Bitcoin exchange or simply allow you to transfer your coins from your wallet to the retailer and get the items you desire.

Some small e-commerce businesses use these payment platforms, so you should check if your favourite online shop uses them and will allow you to pay using cryptocurrency.

Any business that uses these platforms, including small local service providers, can accept payment using your Bitcoin.

Therefore, if you take the time to do your research and find local companies that use payment platforms that accept Bitcoin, then you could use your tokens for a variety of transactions.

Offline Retailers That Accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin might be a virtual currency, but that doesn’t mean that you can only use it for online transactions.

It’s also possible to use Bitcoin offline. As the currency is virtual, you’ll need to use a platform, such as a mobile app or a Bitcoin debit card, to transfer your Bitcoins from your digital wallet to your chosen retailer.

There are many Bitcoin debit cards available, and they are usually accepted wherever you can pay using a debit card.

It’s also possible to buy gift cards with Bitcoin, which you can then spend at many well-known shops and venues.

That means that you can use Bitcoin in the same way that you use the Fiat money in your current account.

Most shops that accept paper money also allow consumers to use debit and credit cards, so a Bitcoin debit card makes the currency more accessible and easier to use.

There are also some restaurants that will accept Bitcoin, allowing you to buy tasty dishes and delicious treats with your cryptocurrency.

With this technology, Bitcoin is now an accessible payment system that you can take with you wherever you go and use for a range of purchases.

Donate Bitcoins To Charity

As well as buying yourself a treat or paying for essentials is a great way to use your Bitcoin, it’s also possible to donate your Bitcoins to the less fortunate.

Giving a Bitcoin donation to the charity of your choice is an altruistic way to spend your digital currency.

Many major charities, including Save The Children, the American Red Cross, Wikipedia and others, allow generous individuals to donate Bitcoin.

Alternatively, you could check out a Bitcoin crowdfunding platform such as BitHope, which allows users to crowdfund for worthy causes using Bitcoin.

Donating your Bitcoins can help you improve the lives of a person or group in desperate need, particularly in these challenging times.

It’s a great way to make the most of the gains you’ve made from your Bitcoin trading strategy and use your profits wisely.

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As well as buying products or services with Bitcoin, you can also purchase other cryptocurrencies and financial assets.

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