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Where Can You Buy Bitcoin?


Where Can You Buy Bitcoin?

When the anonymous person or group behind the name Satoshi Nakamoto, invented Bitcoin in 2008, they could hardly have dreamed that the cryptocurrency would evolve and flourish as much as it has over the past 13 years.

Since it was created, Bitcoin has become a global phenomenon, which can be used for everything from trading to online shopping.

From this initial idea of a decentralised, global digital currency has come thousands of other altcoins and many different businesses.

It is now used for everything from making payment on online purchases through to making business transactions.

Bitcoin mining, or finding new blocks in Bitcoin’s Blockchain, has helped the cryptocurrency to grow and prosper.

The team at Traders Of Crypto understands that it’s challenging for novice traders to know where to begin when considering buying Bitcoin.

The first step in any Bitcoin trading strategy is to buy Bitcoin, which means finding the right platform on which to purchase this digital currency and learn more about it.

If you’re thinking of using Bitcoin but aren’t sure how to get started, then this article about where to buy Bitcoin should help.

How To Start Bitcoin Trading

When you start trading in Bitcoin, it’s essential that you learn more about it and understand this innovative peer-to-peer payment technology works.

Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies available today, and it is the basis for all the other cryptocurrency on the market.

As Bitcoin is a decentralised online payment system, it is unregulated, and there is no fixed Bitcoin price. As such, the price of Bitcoin depends on where you purchase it.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are traded on exchange platforms that allow you to buy, sell and even win virtual money.

Some exchanges have a built-in virtual wallet where you can store your Bitcoins. Otherwise, you will have to use a third-party wallet.

Like all crypto, Bitcoin is backed by a Blockchain, which is a digital list of all of the Bitcoin transactions and payments ever made, and stored in a digital wallet.

Bitcoin’s Blockchain acts as a security device and helps members of the crypto’s network to ensure that the software is used correctly and not abused by unscrupulous investors.

Every transaction made using Bitcoin is logged on the Blockchain, and miners work to improve the security of the Blockchain by searching for more blocks and correctly guessing the correct hash code.

The cryptocurrency is traded under the initial BTC. It is different from Bitcoin cash, or BCH, which has a unique Blockchain.

So, it is possible to trade in both Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash at the same time. They’re both unique crypto, so you should research the differences and understand what each type can bring to your portfolio before you invest your hard-earned cash.

This is just a basic overview of Bitcoin and how it works. If you want to learn more about this cryptocurrency before you buy Bitcoin and start using it, you should take the time to research it in more detail.

Additionally, it would help if you considered joining a network of experienced traders and crypto enthusiasts. Traders Of Crypto is a community, and we work together to help our members to earn free crypto and learn more about trading in Bitcoin and other popular tokens.

Popular Bitcoin Exchanges

Many Bitcoin exchanges allow users to buy Bitcoin using a debit or credit card , so you can easily buy the coins using your Fiat money.

Some of the most prominent Bitcoin and crypto exchanges on the market currently are:

  • Binance: One of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms out there today, Binance offers low fees and high liquidity. The platform doesn’t allow US traders to use its services, but it does have a separate American site called Binance US.
  • Bybit: For security-conscious Bitcoin enthusiasts, Bybit could be the perfect platform, as it uses anonymous accounts and cutting-edge security software. A less-established crypto exchange, Bybit is making a name for itself thanks to its innovative features and high-trading bonuses.
  • Coinbase: A fully-insured exchange with a wide range of cryptocurrencies to choose from, including Bitcoin, Coinbase is a popular platform for investors. However, the platform does have higher fees than other exchanges, so it might not be ideal for making the best possible profits on your investments.
  • eToro: This popular copy trading platform allows users to emulate the trades of more experienced investors, making this an excellent choice for beginners. As well as Bitcoin, eToro also allows traders to buy and sell a selection of financial assets, so you can find the right trading strategy that helps you achieve your investing goals.

If you want to learn more about Bitcoin trading platforms, then check out our guide to the best crypto exchanges available in 2021 .

Many cryptocurrency exchanges have restrictions for users in some countries, so you should use our country search to find a selection of Bitcoin trading platforms that are available in your region.

Buying Bitcoin Without An Exchange

It is possible to buy Bitcoin without using a crypto exchange, but this approach comes with more risk than using a central trading platform.

There are several ways to buy Bitcoin without using an exchange, including:

  • Use A Bitcoin ATM: The rising popularity of the cryptocurrency means that there are now ATMs that offer users the chance to buy Bitcoin and put them straight into their digital wallet
  • Take Out A Bitcoin Debit Card: As well as Bitcoin ATMs, it’s now also possible to buy Bitcoins using a Bitcoin debit card , making the virtual currency as accessible as physical cash
  • Check Out Non-Custodial Bitcoin Trading Platforms: Some Bitcoin trading platforms are non-custodial, meaning that they don’t hold the key to your cryptocurrency, and you have complete control over it
  • Peer-To-Peer Bitcoin Transactions: If you can connect directly with your fellow Bitcoin enthusiasts on social media or via online forums, then you can get them to put your Bitcoins directly into your digital wallet without using an exchange
  • Buy Bitcoin Using Your Wallet: Some Bitcoin wallets allow users to buy Bitcoin as well as store them so that you can buy them without an exchange

Many of these strategies are usually used by more experienced Bitcoin traders. However, some of them are incredibly simple, so you should be able to find the perfect way to purchase Bitcoin if you don’t want to use an exchange.

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That’s why we aim to offer a wide range of resources to our members and news and updates to anyone who’s interested in learning more about crypto trading.

As well as our page on where to buy Bitcoin , we also offer a variety of other free articles and resources to help budding traders.

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