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News about projects, technology developments, exchange listings, charting indicators and the industry developments that could impact the price of crypto coins.

Holochain (HOT) Enters Crypto Top 30

Holochain (HOT) came into focus about three years after its initial token sale, planning a mainnet launch until the end of the year.

Ripple (XRP) Surged By ~20% In The Past 2 Days – Best Time To Buy?

The price of the XRP/USD has grown by over 20% in the past couple of days. What does technical analysis say and what are the expert prediction of XRP/USD? Let's find out.

These Markers Suggest New Bitcoin (BTC) Peak

BTC signs show the potential for new highs, based on increasing scarcity from miners and sellers.

Bitcoin & Ethereum To Break Their All-Time High Values

The top two cryptos in the market are about to reach their all time high values. In this article, we have explored the reasons behind this price surge and also forecasted the future price of this coins.

Can Binance Coin (BNB) Go to $500 Soon?

BNB is making all-time highs, with expectations of an attempt to vault $500 in what looks like altcoin season warming up for new gains.

These Five Altcoins are Waking Up: XTZ, TRX, NEO, EOS, XVG

Coins that previously lagged the bull market of 2021 are reawakening and re-entering price discovery territory.

Midweek Review of The Cryptocurrency Market

In this article, we have discussed the technical analysis of top cryptos in the market in terms of market cap and also the altcoins with maximum growth.

Filecoin (FIL) Recovers All-Time High, Adds New Records

Filecoin rallies just six months after its mainnet launch, becoming one of the altcoins to repeat their 2017 high and gather a new round of investors.

VISA Boosts with USDC Acceptance

USDC settlement broadens the acceptance of digital coins as potential tools for fintech payment networks

‘Visa’ to Settle Transactions in USDC – Bitcoin Rocketed to $58K!

Global payment network ‘Visa’ announced the settling of its network transactions using USDC. How did this impact the prices of major cryptos? Let’s discuss.

THETA: Why is This Crypto in the Top 10

THETA grew to become part of the top 10 coins by market capitalization. The project offers staking and may soon add NFTs and a decentralized exchange

$40M Injected Into Solana | Can This End the Consolidation In SOL?

SOL's price action has been moving in a range for a while now. What impact will the recent investments in the Solana Foundation have on this cryptos price? Let's discuss.

A List Of The Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges Out There Right Now

A list of the most popular exchanges right now, what makes them stand out and what to look out for.

A Beginner’s Guide To Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates

What are the main factors impacting the price of cryptocurrencies and how to get the best prices

Cryptocurrency Exchanges: A Guide To How They Work And What To Look Out For

How do cryptocurrency exchanges actually work and is it as complicated as it first seems?

PundiX (NPXS) Boosted by Upcoming Token Swap

PundiX will swap its NPXS token for the new PUNDIX asset with new DeFi functions, staking and payment options.

IOTA Counts Down a Month to Network Upgrade

The IOTA network plans to improve its performance through the Chrysalis upgrade. The Firefly wallet will be instrumental to the token swap.

Can The Integration of BAT Into BSC, Lead to A New ATH Rally?

BAT is now integrated on Binance Smart Chain and will now be available as wrapped BAT. Will this move positively impact the price of BAT? Read to know more.

Yes, You Can Now Buy Tesla with Bitcoin (BTC)

Tesla, Inc. will hold onto BTC used to buy its electric cars, creating even more scarcity for the leading crypto asset.

Can Litecoin (LTC) Still Rally Against Bitcoin (BTC)?

LTC has stagnated against BTC, with some predictions of possibly breaking out. But the coin is also weighed down by its past performance.