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Bitcoin (BTC) Goes for Flash Crash, Fast Recovery

Bitcoin (BTC) had a down and up again flash trade on Monday, again wiping out leveraged positions.

Bitcoin (BTC)Goes for Dip Under $40,000

Bitcoin (BTC) abandoned the $40K tier with a flash crash under $39,000 during European trading hours on Monday.

Ethereum (ETH): Delaying ETH 2.0 Again

Ethereum (ETH) may delay ETH 2.0 launch until Q3, 2021.

What is Genesis Vision (GVT) and Why it Became Top Coin

Genesis Vision (GVT) saw a price anomaly that brought the otherwise illiquid token to attention. What is Genesis Vision and why it shows demand for retail crypto investment?

Solana (SOL) Leads Tentative Recovery

Solana (SOL) aims to regain positions, so far keeping above $100 as crypto markets stall with fears of continuing slide.

What Pressured Bitcoin (BTC) Under $40,000

Bitcoin (BTC) tracked back under $40,000, for a deeper year-on-year loss.

How Terra (LUNA) is Becoming the Biggest Holder

Terra (LUNA) sank down under $90 in the new week as markets lost momentum.

Can Waves (WAVES) Recover from the Crash

Waves (WAVES) faced rumors its rally was nothing more than an artificial pump.

Markets Turn Tide with BTC Closer to $43,000

Bitcoin (BTC) fell closer to $43,000 after long liquidations, putting a bearish scenario on the table again.

Bitcoin (BTC) Turns Volatile, Boosts Altcoins

Bitcoin (BTC) returned to volatility, moving between $45,000 and $47,000 within hours.

What Brought Celo (CELO) to a One-Month High

Celo (CELO) rallied during the Celo Connect meetup in Barcelona, announcing a series of partnerships and multi-chain access.

Reawakening eCash (XEC): What This Coin Could Do

The price of eCAsh (XEC) awakened on peaking volumes, awaiting a network upgrade in May.

Bitcoin (BTC) Retreats: How Far Will Prices Dip

Bitcoin (BTC) extended its retreat, after crashing below $46,000 on Thursday. BTC is now in the $44K range with bearish scenario still not abandoned.

Solana (SOL) Rallies on News of OpenSea Market

Solana survived two recent hacking attacks against its smart contract protocols. Yet SOL had a price rally above $123.

Waves (WAVES) Extends Rally to All-Time Peak Near $60

Waves protocol locks in more value through Neutrino and the USDN stablecoin minting, which requires a WAVES collateral.

Bitcoin (BTC) Above $48,000: How Far Will This Rally Go

Bitcoin (BTC) rose on a mix of buying to top up whale wallets, and increase in futures trading activity that attacked short positions.

Bitcoin (BTC): Who is Stockpiling Coins

Bitcoin (BTC) rallied above $47,000 in the new week, supported by bullish expectations and demand for stockpiling coins.

Can Bitcoin (BTC) Break Above $45K for Return to Bull Market

Bitcoin (BTC) recovered above $44,000, setting expectations for a new phase of the bull market.

Is Another All-Altcoin Season Coming

Altcoins are breaking away and achieving higher gains than Bitcoin (BTC) in expectation of another altcoin season.

Terra (LUNA) Joins Bitcoin (BTC) Buying Spree

Terra (LUNA) continues to build up its Bitcoin (BTC) reserve to secure the value of Terra USD (UST).