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NANO Breaks Out in Another Altcoin Rally

NANO achieved a series of breakouts over the past days, sparking hopes it may return to higher visibility and achieve another rally by the end of 2021.

TRON (TRX) Stages Breakout, Takes BTT Along

TRON (TRX) is heading for the $0.10 range after a recent breakout on growing volumes. The price action also boosted BTT, doubling its price in a month.

ETH Transaction Fee Burning Pushes Ether Price Higher

The much-awaited Ethereum London hard fork is in action. Let us understand the affect of burning on the price action of ETH

PolyNetwork: How the $600M DeFi Hack Happened

Poly Network suffered the largest hack in DeFi space, with more than $600M in various tokens diverted through a smart contract.

NEO Opens Early Bird Migration for 3.0 Mainnet

NEO expects a price boost from the recently announced Early Bird migration to the 3.0 version of the network. The official migration is scheduled after September 1.

What Are The Bitcoin Whales Up To? | The BTC Market Update

What are the Bitcoin whales up to in the current crypto bull run? Let's unfold the fundamentals and the technicals of the BTC/USDT pair.

Internet Computer (ICP): Can it Go Parabolic

Internet Computer (ICP) stands at levels suggesting a breakout, possibly touching triple-digit prices again. ICP doubled in price in the past month, breaking above $60.

Chainlink and Polygon Go Off Correlation

The recent price action has put Chainlink and Polygon out of sync. But the question is, who is winning? Let's discuss.

Lisk (LSK): Can This Asset Regain Its Appeal

Lisk (LSK) attempts to re-establish its reputation among crypto startups, heading up for a network reboot on August 21.

Ethereum (ETH) Breaks $2,700 from London Fork Boost

ETH prices continue to receive a boost, expecting a mostly positive effect from the London hard fork, coming up this August 5.

Market Update: BTC Slips, ADA holds, LUNA Skyrockets

While the Bitcoin market is failing to hold above $40,000, few altcoins have already made their second move to the north. Let's discuss!

Bitcoin SV (BSV) Battles Mining Network Attack

Bitcoin SV blockchain went through a reorg for 14 blocks and had to reset its ledger. BSV continues trading, while getting criticism for flawed security.

Ethereum (ETH) Hard-Forking, Here’s What to Expect

# The Ethereum (ETH) network is expected to go through the London...

Bitcoin On Thin Ice Yet Again

The fundamental drivers of Bitcoin stand with the bulls, while the price action remains skeptical. Read more to find out where Bitcoin could possibly head next

NFT Sales See Renewed Gold Rush

After a period of slowness, NFT sales and values shot upward within the course of two weeks, showing renewed popularity for new mints and a robust secondary market.

Three Altcoins To Watch Out For The Weekend

Cryptos tend to make significant moves even over the weekends. Here are three cryptos you must have in your watchlist for the next couple of days.

Ethereum (ETH), Altcoins Look Ready to Launch

ETH may lead another altcoin rally, as the market returns to higher volatility. BTC established itself with relative stability, setting the stage for smaller assets to rise.

Quant (QNT) Breaks Records on Binance Listing

Quant (QNT) gained a listing on Coinbase and Binance within a week, sending the token to a series of price records. QNT became attractive for its potential as a new growth asset.

Bitcoin and Polygon: Comparative Technical Analysis

Polygon crypto had the best uptrend a few months ago, but is it really in the race anymore? Let's discuss!

Axie Infinity (AXS) Breaks Out Above $50

Axie Infinity (AXS) and SLP rose again, more than tripling their value in the past few days. The asset's rally shows the project's growing popularity in NFT gaming.