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Correction Goes Even Deeper, Bitcoin (BTC) to $33K

Bitcoin (BTC) dipped close to $33,200 before making a recovery to $36,000, after cascading liquidations broke down the recovery trend.

Market Devastated as Bitcoin (BTC) Dips Under $35,000

Bitcoin (BTC) did not hold the levels above $40,000, but with some signs the market bottom may be near. Questions remain on the length of eventual bear market.

What Drives Cosmos (ATOM) Near New Highs

Cosmos (ATOM) got near its all-time highs in another rally for the past two weeks. ATOM fell after the market turned red again ahead of the weekend.

Litecoin (LTC) Bullish After Transaction Record

Litecoin (LTC) shows bullish attitudes even after a correction. The network also saw a record peak of transactions in raw count and value transfered.

Bitcoin (BTC) Depresses Market on Fear Sentiment

Bitcoin (BTC) retreated under $42,000 on continued fearful attitudes. Leveraged positions are slow to recover, sparking fears of a bear market.

Cardano (ADA) Runs Ahead of the Market

Cardano (ADA) held a rally in the past week, adding 30% to its price on announcements of the upcoming SundaeSwap decentralized exchange (DEX).

What Changes for Crypto Trading in 2022

In 2022, crypto trading continues apace, with more active scrutiny on blockchain history and new limitations from the Bitfinex exchange.

Harmony (ONE) Recovers Peak Despite Market Crash

Harmony (ONE) broke out closer to previous highs, after announcing a Cosmos partnership and more value flowing in in 2022.

Bitcoin (BTC) Climbs Again on Whale Buying

Bitcoin (BTC) looks at a recovery to $44,000 before eventually regaining a climbing trend.

Ethereum (ETH) Recovers Ahead of Bitcoin (BTC)

Ethereum (ETH) regained its levels above $3,200 after a dip under $3,000 during a recent flash crash.

Bitcoin (BTC) Back to Liquidations, Flash Crash

Bitcoin (BTC) flash-crashed under $40,000 late on Monday, later recovering above $42,000.

LEO Token Accelerates Despite Bitcoin (BTC) Weakness

Bitfinex's native token LEO is on an expansion rally, potentially setting up a new higher position.

Crypto Market Erases Q4 Rally

Bitcoin (BTC) sank toward $41,700 ahead of the weekend, dragging down the market cap of the entire market under $2 trillion.

Can Bitcoin (BTC) Drop to $41,000

Bitcoin (BTC) threatens to dip under $43,000 on Thursday, extending a slide and re-sparking fears of a bear market.

Why Internet Computer (ICP) is Gaining Ground

Internet Computer (ICP) is still facing price pressures, but sets some signs of a potential rally in the coming year.

Cosmos (ATOM) Closes In on Peak Levels

Cosmos (ATOM) broke out, setting expectations for a new price range in 2022.

Will Estonia Restrict DeFi and Crypto Activity in 2022

Crypto users in Estonia face the voting of a bill with the potential to severely increase oversight on almost all digital asset services.

MicroStrategy Bought the Bitcoin (BTC) Dip Again

Bitcoin (BTC) heads for the year end with a 78% net gain, after distancing from the peaks above $65,000 and failing the $100,000 prediction.

Oasis Network: Why This New Token Broke Out

Oasis Protocol (ROSE) attempts to recover its all-time high. ROSE defied the overall market trend where BTC slid under $47,000.

Why Bitcoin (BTC) is Stepping Back This December

Bitcoin (BTC) dropped under $48,000 in expectation of Friday's futures expiry date, seeing potential pressures down to $47,000 or lower.