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Bitcoin (BTC) Crashes After Celsius Freezes Withdrawals

Celsius may be facing a solvency crisis due to its significant DeFi loans, facing liquidations if the crypto crash continues.

Three Factors that Weighed Down the Crypto Market

Bitcoin (BTC) went through another capitulation, sinking to the $25,000 range.

XTZ, HNT, LINK: Why These Tokens are Outliers

A selection of altcoin projects rallied with immediate news of development. LINK continues its growth on expectation of staking.

Chainlink (LINK) Rallies Again on Roadmap Reveal

Chainlink is key to the decentralized infrastructure, serving thousands of smart contracts with various types of data.

US SEC Investigates Binance ICO for Security Status

Binance Coin (BNB) offered one of the highest ICO returns, launching at $0.15 and peaking above $600.

Will Merge in ETH 2.0 Cause DeFi Problems

Ethereum 2.0, or ETH 2.0 is expected to add proof-of-stake by the end of the year, though with more steps and updates in the future.

Crypto Markets are Back to Bitcoin (BTC) Season

Bitcoin (BTC) rallied above $31,000 in the new week, breaking the nine-week losing streak.

Bitcoin (BTC) Keeps Above to $30K, but Dip Still Expected

Bitcoin (BTC) rallied above $30,000 but its short-term performance remains uncertain after nine weeks of losses.

TRON (TRX) Starts Long-Awaited Rally

TRON (TRX) is burned to create new USDD tokens. TRON DAO will aim for excess collateral to protect the stablecoin against losing its peg.

Is the Cardano (ADA) Rally Just for the Short Term

Cardano (ADA) still ended May with a net loss, but sparked a rally ahead of other assets on two consecutive days.

Bitcoin (BTC) Rallies After Nine-Week Red Streak

Bitcoin (BTC) avoided the immediate dip scenario, rallying above $31,700.

LUNA 2.0: What to Know About This Project

LUNA 2.0 returns to exchanges, will resume limited Binance trading on May 31. LUNA 2.0 still down 80% after launch.

Crypto Market Repeats Flash Crash, Recovery Pattern

Bitcoin (BTC) dipped to the $28,000 range and recovered almost immediately, causing another series of liquidations.

What Will End of May Candle Bring for Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC) for now stalls close to $30,000, possibly extending the choppy trading.

Bitcoin (BTC) Extends Period of Uncertainty

Bitcoin (BTC) enters a scenario where it could continue to fluctuate in a small range for the rest of 2022.

Crypto Markets Go for Brief Flash Recovery

Crypto markets showed there is still energy for flash recovery, as some of the altcoins achieved double-digit daily gains.

Is Celsius Still in DangerĀ  After Terra Crash

Celsius Network (CEL) once again sparked doubts on its earnings model and the potential for a run similar to Terra. For now, CEL holds above $0.75.

Bitcoin (BTC) Above $30,000: Is This Level Sustainable

Bitcoin (BTC) manages to recover above $30,000, so far without extending its rally.

Bitcoin (BTC) Faces More Downward Pressure on Continued Fears

Bitcoin (BTC) sank under $29,000, signaling more downward pressure in the short term.

Market Stress Continue with DEI Stablecoin Failure

Funds returned to BTC, abandoning smaller altcoins. DeFi pressure led to the continued de-pegging of the DEI stablecoin.