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Is Another All-Altcoin Season Coming

Altcoins are breaking away and achieving higher gains than Bitcoin (BTC) in expectation of another altcoin season.

Terra (LUNA) Joins Bitcoin (BTC) Buying Spree

Terra (LUNA) continues to build up its Bitcoin (BTC) reserve to secure the value of Terra USD (UST).

Why Cardano (ADA) Gets Closer to $1

Cardano (ADA) closes in on $1 after a breakout in the past week. TVL on Cardano grows with plans of algorithmic stablecoin.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Defies Market Trend Ahead of Halving

Ethereum Classic (ETC) hopes for a bigger rally in case of a more significant breakout above $40.

ApeCoin (APE) Arrives with Volatile Trading

Bored Ape Yacht Club and Yuga Labs released ApeCoin (APE), airdropped to ape avatar owners.

Decred (DCR) Goes Through Surprise Rally

Decred (DCR) rallied to above $60 on Wednesday, sparking hopes the coin may reawaken.

The Graph (GRT): Is the Rally Sustainable

The Graph (GRT) rallied to $0.42, sparking hopes for extended gains after new Web3 projects adopt this blockchain.

Proof-of-Work Still Legal in EU After Parliament Vote

A draft aiming to restrict proof of work coins was rejected during a recent European Parliament commission vote.

Why ThorChain (RUNE) Expects New Price Range

ThorChain (RUNE) may gain importance as a hub for transfers between chains, joining together several DeFi ecosystems.

Waves (WAVES) Heads for $30 on DeFi Value Locked

Waves (WAVES) extended its rally above $30 and kept locking value in Neutrino Protocol, but raised questions of an eventual retrace.

What Brought Bitcoin (BTC) Above $42,000

Bitcoin (BTC) reached a short-term top above $42,000, retreating quickly to the $39,000 range.

Why Monero (XMR) Broke Above $200

Monero (XMR) broke above $200 as its anonymous features may raise demand again.

Binance Extends Crypto-Fiat Payment Solution

Binance launches the Bifinity fiat to crypto solution for retail buyers, commercial use and Web3 transfers.

Bitcoin (BTC) Under $40K on Weekend Crash

Bitcoin (BTC) threatens to dip under $38,000 on continued weakness, possibly triggering a bear market.

What Brought WAVES Above $20

WAVES moved above $20 on expectations of launching its 2.0 network.

ThorChain (RUNE) Rallies on Record Trading Volumes

ThorChain (RUNE) rose by more than 45% in a week on news of integrating Terra (LUNA) and the Cosmos (ATOM) blockchains.

Did Bitcoin (BTC) Reverse the Trend

Bitcoin (BTC) continued to rally in the new week, rising above $44,000 with an expectation of a renewed bull market.

Bitcoin (BTC) Breaks Out After Weeks of Weakness

Bitcoin (BTC) chose a direction and broke above $43,000 on Tuesday.

Which are the Leading Blockchain Use Cases in 2022

In 2022, several prominent ecosystems and categories of tokens lock in value and compete for investments.

Bitcoin (BTC): Has it Seen the Worst of the Price Drop

Bitcoin (BTC) managed to erase its losses after dipping to $34,000, jumping once again above $38,000 on a sudden peak in trading volumes.