Competition Prize Winners

April 2022

Competition Prize Winners
Trader Amount $ Prize Won  
AdoBAb 20 Position 4 in All Coins Trading Competition
Benson 100 Position 1 in All Coins Trading Competition
Billy 20 Position 2 in Portfolio Value Competition
Billy 20 Position 2 in All Coins Trading Competition
Endri50 100 Position 1 in Portfolio Value Competition
Gabriel 10 Position 7 in All Coins Trading Competition
JesseLivermore 10 Position 5 in Portfolio Value Competition
Nice 20 Position 3 in All Coins Trading Competition
Patience 20 Position 4 in Portfolio Value Competition
xtaz85 10 Position 6 in All Coins Trading Competition
xtaz85 20 Position 3 in Portfolio Value Competition

Winners and Payment

What can I do if Bitcoin withdrawal fees are really high ?

If you win a prize of say $10 or $20 then its possible that after Bitcoin transfer fees this could leave you with not very much at all. While we hope that fees will come down and this wont always be a problem you can of course wait to withdraw until you have built up a larger balance or the fee levels have reduced. We do also hope soon to offer other currencies for withdrawal with lower or zero fees.

Do you plan to offer payment in other cryptocurrencies ?

Yes we do. Once the site grows a bit we plan to introduce one or two other coins. Most likley we will choose very low or zero fee options like Nano or Iota so that you get to keep all of your winnings

How does the withdrawal process work ?

Once you have been credited with winnings at the start of a month you are free to claim payment by giving us your receive address. We will then convert the dollar value of your prize into crypto and send it to that address, less any blockchain fees.

We have written a full guide on withdrawal here.